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Dalit Chintan Mein Islam

Booklet : Dalit Chintan Mein Islam
(Islam in Dalit Thought)
Authors : Kanwal Bharti
Publisher : Itihasbodh Prakashan, Allahabad (12th ed. April 2004)
Price : Rs. 45/- only
No. of Pages : 126

The booklet is polemical in character, directed against self-proclaimed universalism and humanism in Islam to which the dalits are invited to embrace. Dalits, it is argued, do not require a God who becomes happy by total submission to His Will only. People can be subjected to domination if they question the revelation contained in the Holy Scripture of Islam. Propagators of Islam question the logical inconsistencies in Buddhism oblivious of the fact that their holy texts contain multiple contradictory and imaginative elements. The fact is that Kabir is more scientific in his approach when he says that human life has innate potentialities to attain perfection in this very world and earthly existence. Kabir pummelled superstitions and dogmatic practices in both the religions i.e. Islam and Hinduism. Ambedkar was aware of airy-fairy contents in Islam and also in its practice. Therefore, instead of going for embracing Islam, he found Buddhism the most appropriate religion, which provides blossoming areas for flourishing of human dignity. Islam induces people to sleep, surrendering his will to God whereas Buddhism ignites human-will to will for self uplift. Islam is anesthetizing whereas Buddhism is invigorating.


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