" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Aarakshan Ashimta

Booklet : Aarakshan Ashimta –Bheekh Nahi, Adhikar
(Identity through Reservation- Right not Begging)
Authors : Mohan Singh Pushan
Publisher : Bahujan Sahitya Sansthan, Lucknow
First Edition : 2001
Price : Rs. 25/- only
No. of Pages : 99

Caste based Reservation began with Manu and this has led to the dominance of higher castes in all branches of government as well as socio-economic factors. The new reservation in an antidote to old reservation. Infact modern reservation is an contractual arrangement obtained through sacrifices of million of outcastes in accepting Poona-pact which retained the integrity of country. Contemporary policies of protective discrimination are healing the wound, caused to Dalits in the past. If he attacked superstition and provided a platform for effective use of talent which undertows had no space to flourish. Christianity and Islam, so eulogistic of their tolerance and equality disdained dalits in a similar manner. What dalits need to do is to develop a comprehensive literature of their own. This will provide them logic. Logical argumentation is the beast weapon of liberation from mental slavery by brahminical forces.


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