" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Antheen Bediyan

Booklet : Antheen Bediyan
(Eternally Chained)
Authors : Mata Prasad
Publisher : Asish Prakashan, Delhi
First Edition : 2000
Price : Rs. 200/- only
No. of Pages : 199

The authors, in the form drama, has revealed the villainous contents in Hinduism and also the social philosophy of those goal personalities who contributed to attack on it and liberate non-Brahmincal castes from the hold of Brahminism, The roots of Brahmins are available in the Rgveda. This and other literature was produced marriages and physical relations between Aryan and non Aryans began. Thus, Hinduism attempted to retain the vicinal purity of Aryans. Buddha was the first to attach caste – based discrimination and in medieval period, the saints of the Bhakti movement is another significant iconoclastic movement but people of higher castes refused to learn lessons from this. Islam with all its fall claim of equality succumbed to similar social divisions among Muslims. After the advent of the British rule, many non-dalit personalities also contributed in shaking the pillars of cast types. So was the contribution of such dalits as photo, Naiker, Ghasidas, Achutanand, Ambedkar and Jagjivan Ram. This task is marching ahead and the effort of dalit writers. Appreciable in the role of Sikhism also in this direction. The dramatic presentation, in more than fifty small prices, covers the whole period from ancient to modern times. Both mythological and historical personalities and contacts have been covered.


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