" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Writer : S. S Gautam
Publisher : Gautam Book Center
First Edition :2005
Pages : 54
Price : Rs. 25

Dalits are facing objurgation of Hindu social structure. Condition is more deplorable in Rajasthan needs hardly any evidence. Sub-castes like Bairava, Meghwal , Bhangi, Dhanuk, Jatav etc. suffered social exclusion because of their traditional occupation . Some castes as Guar, Kantar, Bavaria etc. were deleteriously labeled as criminals and pushed to corner , where they were perennially imprisoned in an egalitarian social structure. Later on , some strong leaderships emerged from these communities to uplift them . These groups tried to eliminate most of the enervating factors in order to give their community a new strength to assert. But social division, as it has become immanent in the social psyche, it can’t be obliterated in a short span of time. Even Christians and Arya-samajis failed to demolish this cultural edifice in Rajasthan’s society. So Dalits have to discover themselves, their own strategies to come out from the limbo of socio-cultural emasculation.


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