" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Writer : Dev Kumar
Publisher : Prabhu Prakashan
First Edition : 2005
Pages : 39
Price : Rs. 15

This booklet is a sincere attempt to assert the glorious role played by Bhangi community in Hindu’s political history and mythological writings. Kalu Dom of Satyug, appointed Harishchandra as his slave and liberated the king from curse. Lord Ram killed Shambuk , because he being a Shudra, was trying for spiritual emancipation. On the contrary, Kaliyug was dubbed as degraded epoch simply because Shudras are awakening with a sense of victim hood. Shiva ji , well-known for his patriotism and gallantry , was deceived by a Hindu King Jaichand but saved by Madari Bhangi . A significant person behind 1857 revolt was Matadin Bhangi who anyhow managed to receive the news that new cartridges were made by fat of cows and pigs and provoked people to revolt that shackled British Empire. Now awakened Dalits want to rewrite their history to arouse respect for identity of their community. By searching their contributions, they wish to invigorate their golden past, as a key for their respectful future.


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