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also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

DALIT SAMAJ : Aaj Ki Chunautiyan

BOOKLET: DALIT SAMAJ : Aaj Ki Chunautiyan
Writer : Jiya Lal Aarya
Publisher : Prakashan Sansthan
First Edition : 2005
Pages : 86
Price: Rs. 35

This booklet is an analysis of present challenges before the Dalit society. The exclusionary trend of contents of traditional literature deprived Dalits and deracinated the sense of identity among them. Therefore ,they need new literature to awaken slumbering masses, to overcome their feelings and prolonged subjugation by the upper caste .Their crushed and scattered history need to be recreated in receptive and acceptable way. To overcome these psychological morbidities, Dalit went in depth orientation through education. Education will allow them to understand , evaluate their past and future. Protective discrimination should not be construed as an escape from competition and struggle and feeling of brotherhood among their fellow-beings and other parallel communities. Intellectuals should play a constructive role to engulf the social , political and religious disparity. This is right way to assimilate them in society and democratic process.


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