" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Sri Ravidas Kathasagar

Booklet : Sri Ravidas Kathasagar
(Narrating Life and Oceanic Spirituality of Ravidas)
Author : Vivek Kumar
Publisher : Yamuna Pustak Bhandar, Mathura, U. P.
Edition : Not Mentioned
Price : Rs. 12/-
Pages : 62

Ravidas born in Samvat 1456 (1319 A.D.) was a divine personality. At an early age, he could recite Gita, Upanishad and portions of other Scriptures, which infuriated Brahmins. But they found themselves helpless before this divine gift. Although married at an early age, the worldly possessions and affairs failed to attract him. When he met Ramanand, the later was astonished upon his erudition. Thereafter, he declared that gnosis is not an exclusive possession of upper castes only. He showed many miracles which further undermined the status of Brahmins. Ratna and her husband King Rana Sanga visited him at Varanasi and become his disciple. But when he visited Rana Sanga, the Brahmins there were outraged. He stayed in a temple. During his last days he was distressed at the site of massacres of innocent people by Muslim invaders. At the ripe age of 103 years, he left this world. But his preaching continues to reverberantly inspire many towards humanism and devotion even today.


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