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Sant Ravidas: Jeevan aur Darshan

Booklet : Sant Ravidas: Jeevan aur Darshan
(Saint Ravidas: Life and Philosophy)
Author : Ram Kumar Ahirwar ‘Shashi’
Publisher : Madhya Pradesh Samta Sahitya Academy Ujjain, M.P.
First Edition : 2000
Price : Rs. 50/-
Pages : 94

The author examines critically various scholarly opinions on Ravidas’s birth, place of birth, his philosophical roots and place of his death, and draws his own conclusions on these. He was born in 1414 A.D. and was a contemporary of Kabir and Sikandar Lodhi. Both, a literary source as well as overall tradition confirms that he was great saint married to Lona. His birth place was Maduadeeh in Banaras district and from Kashi he began his mission of social reform as medieval society stood saturated with superstitions and priesthood. He was not a disciple of Ramanand as is commonly supposed. A visionary as he was, he attacked all institutions and rituals related to Brahmanism. He believed in a common humanity marked by reciprocity of love among human beings. His Ram is not the Ram of Brahmins but the Ultimate Reality. He accepted Meera as his disciple that is mentioned in Meera’s poems itself. He died at an age of 120 years in Chittor. His teachings form continuity with Buddhism in the past and Sikhism in future and foreshadow the mission of Ambedkar.


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