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Kabir Aur Brahmins

Booklet : Kabir aur Brahmins
(Kabir and Brahmins)
Author : Kamlakant Singh
Publisher : Ambedkar Education Shikshan Evam Shodh Sansthan, Azamgarh
First Edition: 2001
Price : Rs. 45/- only
Pages : 169

A comparison among Hindu religious philosophy, Muslim religious thoughts and Kabir’s ideology forms basic content of the book. Dalits of today are to a great extent the inheritors of seclusion caused by Pushyamitra Sunga’s anti-Buddhists violence. Brahmanism, dormant and hibernated during Buddha’s time was resurrected by Sunga. Similarly, in Islam, it overflows with obscurantism and dogmatism. Rituals in Islam are as important as in Hinduism. Kabir attacked both the religions vigorously as both of has a tendentious agenda of violence and exploitation. Kabir on the other hand, accepts social equality and lays emphasis only on those dimensions that are humanistic and spiritually elevating. Kabir is a philosopher of esoteric and from this view; every being is owner of similar divine spark. He challenges Islam when it was involved in barely burning libraries killing Hindus. Considered to be infidels unlike Tulsidas, who attempted to reinforce Brahminical values, Kabir demolished all distinctions and deviations. Shambook, Eklavya were vicious of Brahminical hubris. Kabir knew it and uprooted it on philosophical ground. He was the true liberator of dalits, the sun of dalit consciousness, His philosophy of recollecting two and a half letter carried more significance than all scriptures of humanism & Islam.


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