" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Virangna Jhalkari Bai

Booklet: Virangna Jhalkari Bai
Author: Mohandas Nemishray
Publisher: Samyak Prakashan
Edition: 1st- 2001, 2nd- 2003
Pages: 64
Price: Rs.20.00

The booklet describes the heroic deeds of Jhalkari, born on November 22, 1832 to a proud Dalit (Kori) caste parents in Bhojla village near Jhansi. She got married to Puran, a Kori sepoy in Lakshmibai’s army. Her valiant act of killing a leopard when just 12 year old made Puran to marry her. Jhalkari gained the confidence of Lakshmibai during visit to palace and was made commander of women wing of latter’s army. In March 1854 Lakshmibai was dethroned by Britishers. In 1857 with the help of mutineer sepoys of Meerut and Delhi she regained her throne. Once again Jhansi Fort came under fierce attack but this time Jhalkari engaged the army and managed safe escape of Lakshmibai. She attained martyrdom killing many Britishers. Jhalkari had her detractors in not only other castes but her own caste too who once even ostracized her. The author digs at the historians for denying rightful place to Jhalkari among top freedom fighters of country simply because she was a Dalit.


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