" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Sachitra Jeevani

Booklet: Swami Achutanand: Sachitra Jeevani (Swami Achutanand: Pictorial Biography)
Author: Sheel Priya Bauddha
Publisher: Samyak Prakashan, New Delhi
Edition: 2003
Price: 50.00
Pages: 108

The booklet is a biographical outline of Swami Achutanand, the pioneer of anti-Brahminical Movemnet in North India, especially Uttar Pradesh. Born in village Umri, District Manipur on 6th May 1879 to Motiram and Rampyari, his childhood name was Heera Lal. Losing his father at an early age, he was looked after by his father Mathura Prasad. In his yearning for inner place, he got attracted to the Arya Samaj. Under the guidance of Swami Sachitanand, he learned Vedas but gradually he found it meaningless for social change. Henceforth, he started social movement against Brahminical social authoritarianism. He attacked Hindu rituals and started publication of two papers namely Achut and Adi Hindu. He also established two important organizations in North India namely Achut Mahasabha and Adi Hindu Mahasabha. His leadership and efforts for Dalit liberation were deeply acknowledged by Ambedkar.


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