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Sant Ravidas kee mool Vichardhara (Original Thoughts of Saint Ravidas)

Booklet : Sant Ravidas kee mool Vichardhara
(Original Thoughts of Saint Ravidas)
Authors : Shyam Singh with introduction by Bhadrasheel Rawat
Publisher : Samyak Prakashan, New Delhi
Price : Rs. 60/- only
No. of Pages : 115

The essential compounds of the philosophy of Ravidas are rooted in Buddhism and the contemplation of North sects and Siddhas. This vocabulary echoes similar meanings and also same words have been borrowed for these traditions. He was against Brahmanism and Brahmin education and laid emphasis on human action. Like Buddha, he stressed on compassion, renunciation, fraternity and happiness through one’s efforts. The doctrine of depended origination of Buddhism in axiomatic to his teachings and so on the four noble truths. He protested against the supremacy of Brahimincal scriptures and pilgrimage. All rituals, to him, were designed to dupe oneself and others. Equanimity of mind is possessed through self delight which can be obtained by avoiding pain to any creature. Ravidas, although a saint of medieval period, was modern in his anticipations for brotherhood and dignity of each individual. Ambedkar understood it and pushed forward the ideas of Ravidas. The chapter on fundamental rights in the Indian constitution bear the impact of Ravidas’s teaching.


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