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Sant Shiromani: Guru Ravidas

Booklet : Sant Shiromani: Guru Ravidas
(Guru Ravidas: The Crown of Saints)
Authors : Mata Prasad
Publisher : Aakash Publishers & Distributors, Lonee, Gaziabad
First Edition : 2003
Price : Rs. 65/- only
No. of Pages : 55

Represented in the form of drama, Ravidas, according to the author, confronted throughout his life not only members of upper three castes but also the Muslims. These, nowhere could stop him from making snatching attacks in social discrimination. Nor could these impede him from scaling the heights of spirituality. Believing in monotheism and pantheism, he found some ontological spark in each and every being. Consequently, hierarchy in society was a mechanism of enchaining human-beings, helpless and humiliated. If everybody has the same body then how can caste-based or religion-based discrimination be justified or authenticated by scriptures. Ravidas was an ardent follower of Nirguna bhakti, yet he accepted Meera as his disciple, who believes in Saguna bhakti, as he, himself was a disciple of a saguna bhakta i.e. Ramanand. He ripped open his heart to reveal that god’s dwelling place is human heart. Teaching this he departed for his heavenly abode.


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