" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Guru Ravidas Darshan evam Samajik Chintan

Booklet : Guru Ravidas: Darshan Evam Samajik Chintan
(Guru Ravidas: Philosophy and Social Thought)
Authors : Swaroop Chandra Bauddha
Publisher : Samayak Prakashan
First Edition : 1994
Price : Rs. 20/- only
No. of Pages : 56

Ravidas’ Philosophy forms continuity of Buddhism as he not only rebukes Vedas, Brahmins, Caste system, Yajna and other rituals but repeatedly uses a vocabulary in his works which is available in the texts of Buddhism, Sidhhas and Saints of the Nath sect. The influence of ‘Sunya’ (void) gets repeated reference in his verses. Ram in Ravidas is not the Ram of Tulsidas or of Brahmin’s but rather it is a spiritual state akin to sunya. He did not believe in a transcendent god but equated saint with god which reveals his appeal to mankind to be virtuous. Thus, man is his own god. As concocted by Brahmins, he was not a Brahmin in his previous life as there is no evidence of it in his works. In fact, the Brahmins killed him at Kumbha Shyam temple in Rajasthan and his charismatic influence challenged Brahminical hegemony. Ambedkar carried tradition of Ravidas in a modern form and handed over to dalits a philosophy and a platform that they can use for their social elevation and cultural resurrection.


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