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Drona Diksha (Drona’s Gift)

Booklet: Drona Diksha (Drona’s Gift)
Author: Balwant Rai
Publisher: Shanti Kutir, Aalambagh, Lucknow
Edition: Not Mentioned
Pages: 40
Price: Rs.10.00

Eklavya, the victim of Hinduism, had a strong tradition of archery behind him. Original inhabitants of the land were not only the founders of archery but also its renowned experts. From non-Aryans this art was learnt by the Aryans and the ascetics among them marshaled its operation and taught it to Khastriya. This is how Pandavas and Kauravas learnt it from Dronacharya. When Eklavya reached Drona to teach him the lessons of archery he was humiliated for his low caste status. Without losing patience Eklavya learnt it on his own although as a mark of respect to Drona, he prepared an idol of Drona which he revered. When Drona learnt of it he asked him to present his right hand thumb as teacher’s gift to him. This is how Eklavya was deceived and this is how Brahaminism attempted to keep out-caste communities depressed and deprived.


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