" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Shoshit Pukar

Booklet: Shoshit Pukar
Compilation of Poems and Gazals
Publication: Bahujan Kalyan Prakashan, Lucknow
Edition: 9th – 1995
Price: Rs.2.00
Pages: 16

This booklet is a compilation of poems and gazals. The poems reflect the aspirations of the subjugated voices of the Dalit communities. These poems shake the conscience of depressed communities to rise in life and fight for their rights. India gained Independence but their position remained unchanged. They still find themselves trapped in the quagmire of caste based hierarchical social set up. Their glorious past has been reduced to ashes by the Aryan settlers. Instead of the rule of the people, India today experiences the rule of corruption and nepotism everywhere. Britishers of yesterday have been replaced by Brahmins, Thakurs and Lalas of today. Constituting merely 10% of the total population, they have successfully established their torturous rule over the majority 90%. One of the poets categorically mentions Valmiki and Tulsi having said that one day Shudras will successfully establish their rule. The poems enthuse the depressed class and say that the world is in their hands. Therefore, today it’s time for them to establish an egalitarian society and end darkness by lighting the candle of equality.


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