" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Sant Ravidas

Booklet: ‘Sant Ravidas’ (Saint Ravidas),
Author: Ramnath Neekhra
Publication: Archana Prakashan, Bhopal
Edition: 1990
Price: Rs. 10/-
Pages: 56

That Ravidas was a disciple of Ramanand is confirmed by saint Nabhadas. Born in 1456 A.D. at Mandoor village in Varanasi, his father’s name was Raghunath and mother’s was Dhurbani. Due to his occupational apathy, he was rebuked by his father. He moved to a separate thatched house with his wife Lona. Premanand, another saint of the period, finding him a true spiritualist, requested Ramanand to accept him in his fold, notwithstanding his caste. Ramanand agreed. Jhali, queen of Chittor, visited Ravidas and became his disciple. She invited him to Chittor, where he stayed for 40 days. He performed miracles, when challenged or in ecstasy. He believed in Ram. Surrender to God’s will, liberation, rebirth, non-dualism, formed his spiritual principles. His poetry marked with a simplicity of message denies birth as a basis of social hierarchy. Mira was his disciple and Kabir was his contemporary. He died in 1530 A.D. at Varanasi, leaving an example of social harmony.


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