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Ram Rajya Nyay Natak: Shambuk Muni Balidaan

Booklet: Ram Rajya Nyay Natak: Shambuk Muni Balidaan
Author: Swami Achutanand
Publisher: Bahujan Kalyan Prakashan, Lucknow.
Edition: 7th – 1974 & 11th – 1995
Price: Rs.6.00
Pages: 32

The booklet portrays the unjust aspect of Ram’s kingdom, so eulogized and adulated for its overarching justice. Ram returned from Lanka to Ayodhya to rule but his decision to exile Sita to forest made him desolate. Meanwhile two incidents considered to be unnatural by Brahmins occurred. A severe drought struck his kingdom and an old Brahmin lost his young son. The Brahmin shaken by his son’s death went to Ram and questioned his integrity as a rular.A disturbed Ram consulted seer Vashisth about it. Vashisht advised Ram to kill Shambuk, a Non-Aryan, who was accused of performing yajna, prohibited to the Shudras, as per Varna Ashram Dharma. The request of Vashisht was further reinforced by Laxman. Ram, caught up in a dilemma finally killed Shambuk. He was rebuked by the assasin’s wife, Tungabhadra, who otherwise held Ram in high esteem. Her regard for him withered away after his horrendous act. Shambuk was killed for no crime of his, except that he was a Shudra.


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