" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Pasi Samrajya

Author: R.K.Choudhary
Publication: Shruti Prakashan, Lucknow
Edition: 1st 1997
Price: Rs.25.00
Pages: 64
This Booklet lays down the history of origin and development of the Pasi community as well as their contemporary occupation and population distribution in India. Maharaja Bijali Pasi was a great ruler of Awadh in 12th century. He constructed twelve forts which were the symbol of his mighty kingdom. In 1194, he and Saatan Pasi, a great Pasi ruler, fought with bravery against native invaders, Alha and Uddal, but at last they lost the battle and attained martyrdom. Maharaja Lakhan Pasi, the founder of Lucknow, ruled over a large territory in 10th-11th century A.D. He sacrificed himself in defending his people and territory when Sayyed Salar Masud attacked Lucknow. Rai-Bareli was founded by the Bhar-Pasi rulers in 13th-14th century A.D. This booklet also throws light on the history of Pasi rulers of Sultanpur, Unnao, Birhar, Faizabad, and Bahraich. The last chapter of the booklet describes the patriotic act of virangana Udadevi. She killed 36 British soldiers on November 16, 1857. At last she laid down her life and became a martyr at the hands of Captain Dosen.

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