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Guru Ravidas Ki Jeevani (Biography of Guru Ravidas) (1414-1540 A.D.)

Booklet: Guru Ravidas Ki Jeevani (Biography of Guru Ravidas) (1414-1540 A.D.)
Author: Pyara Singh Bains
Pub: Aankan, Kavanpur, Dehradun
Edition: (1996)
Price: …….
Pages: 8

The scholarly opinions and speculations abound in regard to the date of birth of Ravidas. However, 1440 A.D. is considered authentic at it is mentioned in a manuscript found at his birthplace. He was born in Seergovardhanpur, near Varanasi. His father’s name was Rahu and his mother’s name was Karma. Ravidas married Lona, an untouchable. His parental occupation was tannery and he was a cobbler. He had no formal education. Ramanand was his spiritual guru. Rani Jhaalee of Chittor and Meera, a female saint, were his disciples. Kabir and Nanak were his contemporaries. His followers address themselves as Ravidasis or Raidasis. His speeches are a part of oral tradition. As a pioneer of social and religious reforms in medieval India, he preached humanism, social and religious equality and significance of labour in earning one’s bread. He believed that God belonged to all and was not a captive of the Brahmans. He died in Varanasi in 1540 A.D.


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