" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."


Booklet: Gulamgiri (The Slavery)
Author: Jyotiba Phule (Hindi Translator: S.Murti)
Publication: Cultural Publishers, Lucknow
Edition: 3rd 1994
Price: Rs. 25/-
Pages: 68

The original inhabitants of India were Kshtriyas, with Bali and Hiranyakashyap as Kings. Both were dethroned treacherously by the Aryans of Iran. Brahma, Vishnu, Narad are part of a spurious literature created by Brahmans to legitimize their superiority and to enslave the original inhabitants dubbed as Shudras and Atisudras. From Brahma’s, mouth were born Brahmans. Where from came Christians and Muslims? Parasuram, the cruellest person, is adulated and adored. Brahmans did not spare even God and equated him with Brahmans. They brought him down to the level of fish, pig, and lion through their insidious philosophy of incarnation. They preferred begging to labour. Later, they connived with Rajputs, from Iran, to massacre Sudras and Atisudras. Jesus was the second Bali whose followers reached India to expose Brahminism. Their attempt to overthrow them failed. Claimant of all wisdom, no Levicon was born among them. Under the Britons, Sudras have an opportunity to resurrect their past.


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