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also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Eklavya Natak

Booklet: Eklavya Natak
Author: Ram Avtar Pal & Lallay Singh Yadav
Publication: Samaj Sewa Press, Lucknow, 1990
Edition: 1st – 1963 & 5th – 1990
Price: Rs.10.00
Pages: 82

Heerandhanush, the king of Shrangverpur, blames his ancestors for allowing the Aryans to settle down in their land. Under their Varna order they labeled the aboriginals as untouchables and posed a threat to their existence. Such insecurity disturbed him and his wife over their son Abhay’s decision to train himself under the Aryan Rishi Dronacharya. On reaching his Ashram, Abhay is humiliated and thrown out. But this could not stop him from practicing before Drona’s idol and becoming the best archer who threatened Arjun’s supremacy. Drona cunningly asks for Abhay’s right hand thumb as Guru Dakshina, and named him Eklavya thereafter. Eklavya gave his thumb only to regret later. He returned and won many battles but lost against the Yadavs. After that which he never went back to his kingdom. He passed his days in a jungle and survived on snatching eatables from the passers by. One day, mistakenly he killed Krishna. He apologized to him, and admits his true identity. The story portrays the unjust aspect of the Aryans superiority.


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