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Booklet: Barahmaasee Chakravartee Samrat Maharaj Satan Paasee

Booklet: Barahmaasee Chakravartee Samrat Maharaj Satan Paasee
Author: Ratan Lal Paasee Nagvanshi,
Pub: Kohdari, Lohanhara, Hardoi, U.P
First Edition, (Year not mentioned),
Price Rs. 3/-
Pages: 8
The booklet narrates the grandeur of the Paasee king Satan, who has left behind a tradition of chivalry for the younger generations of his community to draw inspiration from. He was crowned at twenty-five years of age. With one hundred and fifty-one forts, lakes and ponds, he embodied the tradition and heritage of the Paasees. Aalha and Udal, the rulers of Kannauj, becoming jealous of his power, conspired to destroy him. They asked Jaichand, his chief, to send his wife to take Satan under a vow not to attack Kannauj; she succeeded. One day while he was asleep, Aalha and Udal attacked his fort. Satan, fighting against them with the other Paasee kings, made them retreat. At this the Rajputs and Muslims jointly attacked Satan at Ganjar. In the battle that continued for many days, the chivalry of Paasees forced the attackers to seek truce. When Satan agreed, he was treacherously attacked and killed. The Paasee kings left a history of valour and pride.The Paasees of today, instead of addiction to alcohol and gambling, should reinvigorate and continue the tradition left by the heroes of their past.

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