" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Apna Desh

Booklet: Apna Desh
Author: Ratnakar Bandhu Trisharan
Publication: Samaj Sudhar Prakashan, U.P.
Edition: 1st – 1981 & 3rd – 2001
Price: Rs.6.00
Pages: 24

In a storytelling form, the booklet describes the futility of Brahminism and the efficacy of Buddhism. The king of Jambudweep asks his countrymen to celebrate the joy of freedom. He vows to establish a true just society. His joys are shattered as he learns from his spies that his people are suffering at the hands of the savarana class. There have been growing instances of rape, dacoity, caste violence, etc. in his kingdom. The king on the advice of his ministers organizes a mahayajna and offers feast to hundreds of Brahmins for peace, but all in vain. One day he comes across a Buddhist Saint who imparts him the principles of Buddhism, which he implements through his state. He declares his state a Buddhist State. Now all the criminals of his kingdom surrender before him. In contrast Brahmanism stands caught up in a quagmire of age old institutions e.g. caste, religion, region, class, language etc, continues with practices unacceptable to any civilization that champion’s humanism.


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