" Democracy was
also a great narrative and not merely a monolithic kind of democratic participation."

Aaasuo Ki Varsha

Booklet: Aaasuo Ki Varsha (The Rain of Tears)
Author: Ram Dayal Varma
Publication: Mukta Chetna Samaj, Hardoi
Edition: (2003)
Price: Rs. 15/-
Pages: 64
This booklet is a poetic description of the greatness of Hardoi, a district in Uttar Pradesh, located between the Ganga and the Gomti. It has been a centre of Bahrshiva, a community of untouchables who defeated Kushans. Its inhabitants were mainly Bharpaasees and Yadavas. By the eleventh century, Brahmans, Thakurs, Muslims and Vaishyas also came to live here. It was at Bilgram that Sher Shah defeated Humayun. Hardoi is the place of poets like Kadir Miyan, Ganesh and others. Narpati Singh of Hardoi defeated Muhammad Ghori and Madari Paasee organized a peasant revolt in 1921 against the British rule. Ahmadullah’s forefathers, who fought the British in 1857 in South India, were from Hardoi. Of Yadavas, Kurmees, and Paasees in this district, Paasees of Aharauli have established a specific political identity. At this place Hirankashyap lived and the Devasur Sangram (war between gods and demons) was fought.

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