The Importance of Vitamins in Our Body

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients in our bodies, and thus one should ensure that he consumes a balanced diet.  Minerals are inorganic while vitamins are organic. There are numerous categories of vitamins and this includes vitamin A, C, D, E and the B complex which includes riboflavin, thiamine, niacin et cetera. One of the Continue Reading

Make planning your exercises easier with fitness Apps

With the increase in the prevalence of non-communicable diseases in the contemporary setting, most scholars have consistently shifted their focus to the practices that work to reduce the incidences of such diseases. Conditions such as obesity and its associated spectrum of disorders have increasingly been linked to fatal health conditions such as ischemic heart disease Continue Reading

How to always look good

Physical appearance is a very important social aspect that enables our peers to form certain perspectives about us. According to sociologists, the first impression formed towards an individual is often lasting. Yet, this impression is usually developed mainly around how we look physically. While most of the physical attributes are drawn from natural features, a Continue Reading